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Providing data resources for AI technology

Serving R & D institutions, colleges and enterprises all over the world

Introduction to Member Center

The Member Center is run by Speechocean. As a fundamental data resource sharing platform, it devotes ourselves to providing data resources for AI technology and serving R & D institutions, colleges and enterprises all over the world.

Responsibilities & Obligations of Both Parties

Responsibilities & Obligations of the Party Sharing Data

① The party sharing data must have full ownership to the data (or acquire a formal permission from the data owner), have the legal right to process the data, and ensure that the shared data do not involve any ownership dispute.
② The party sharing data agrees to share the data with Speechocean, and permits other members of the Member Center to exchange the data with their bonus points and use the data (for scientific research purpose only).
③ The party sharing data shall ensure the following conditions after they were provided to Speechocean:

●  The data is complete and lossless;

●  Basic details of data related parameters are provided;

●  Corresponding script files and transcription/annotation files are provided as far as audio files are concerned.

④ The party sharing data obtains membership by free registration, acquires bonus points by sharing data, and store the bonus points in its account. In addition, the party sharing data is permitted to exchange data in the Member Center with its bonus points, including the data of Speechocean itself and the data shared by other members.
⑤ Bonus points acquired for voice data resources involving emotional speech, rare dialects, ethnic-minority-languages, etc. can be tripled at least.
⑥ Under the circumstance that other members share the data provided by the party sharing the data:

●  They can exchange the data with their bonus points, and the party sharing the data is permitted to acquire all bonus points of another member;

●  If other members use such data to publish papers, they are obliged to clarify data sources in their papers.

Responsibilities & Obligations of Speechocean:

1. Speechocean takes the responsibility to keep the data provided by the data sharing party properly, and guarantees that it shall not alter, edit, transfer or duplicate the data in any form or use the data for any commercial purpose. 
2. The data shared by the data sharing party are publicized on its official website where the information of the data owner shall be clearly presented in a remarkable position, including names of universities and schools, and the name of the data maker.
3. Speechocean has a proprietary right to share the data, that is not required to notify the data sharing party with the information of the data acquiring party.
4. Speechocean shall publicize and promote the data acquired from the data sharing party on multiple publicity platforms at home and abroad.
5. Speechocean is responsible to check real identities of other members willing to download the data.
6. After approved by the data sharing party, Speechocean can sign a "Data Use Agreement" with a member to appoint data use norms; moreover, a copy of the Agreement shall be provided to the data sharing party.
7. If other members go against relevant provisions to use the data, Speechocean shall assist the data sharing party in coordinating relevant matters and claiming accountability.

Thanks for your support to Speechocean. We will provide services to all members wholeheartedly.

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