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Flexible Part-Time Jobs Recruitment of SPEECHOCEAN


SPEECHOCEAN, a global AI data and data resources provider, needs to recruit a large number of part-time data markers who can work at home. If you are interested in the following jobs, please contact us:

Currently vacant jobs

Job Description

1.    Listen to the audio and confirm it's from native speaker.

2.      Around 15 speakers for each language, 2 audio files for each speaker.

3.      Working online, in batches, about 30 minutes in total.

4.      Born and raised in the target location (Not Immigrants), refer to the Nationality column;

5.      Sensitive to the speech accent and having the ability to distinguish if the speakers are native or not.



Information Indeed

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Basic info, including: Birth Place (city), Mother language and second language.

We sincerely welcome you to join us. If you are interested in these jobs, please contact us. 

The email address:

Q & A

1. What does SPEECHOCEAN do?

Speechocean, a global AI data service provider, has been deeply engaged in this field for 16 years. Our business covers various AI core domains, such as, intelligent speech, computer vision and natural language processing. We have successively carried out business in many countries. We can also provide some services in over 160 languages and dialects.

2What language skills do I need to have?

1)Born and raised in Brunei, Liechtenstein, Monaco or Niger (Not immigrates)

2)You are sensitive to the accent (Malay, German, French and Hausa).

3)You have the ability to distinguish whether the speakers are native or not.

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