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INTERSPEECH 2020 – Microsoft “Code-switching” Workshop


The INTERSPEECH 2020 Microsoft " Code-switching " Workshop will be held online on October 31. Speechocean supported the competition in this workshop with speech corpus to help it held successfully.


The purpose of this competition is to explore a popular challenge in the field of speech and NLP under the background of global deep integration that is "Code-switching". The task of the competition required participants to train qualified language models according to the Gujarati, Telugu, and Tamil speech corpus provided by Speechocean.


More than ten teams from all over the world participated in the competition. The results have been reviewed by the expert team and released (see the picture below). The results will be discussed online among the workshop on October 31. And Professor Barbara E. Bullock from the University of Texas, Professor Almeida Jacqueline Toribio from Cornell University will make presentations on this topic too. Welcome everyone to participate and share your views.


Subtask A: Utterance-level identification of monolingual vs. code-switched utterances

Subtask B: Frame-level identification of language in a code-switched utterance.



As an AI data service provider, Speechocean has been actively participating in and supporting various activities in the AI academic field. The invitation to participate in this workshop also represents the industry's high recognition of our strength and professionalism.

In the future, Speechocean will continue to contribute to the development and implementation of AI in various industries.


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As an AI data resource and data service provider, Speechocean always devoted itself to providing engineering data products and services to enterprises and scientific research institutions in the whole industry chain of AI. Our business involves various domains such as speech recognition, speech synthesis, computer vision, lexicon, and natural language processing etc.

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