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Free High Quality Speech Recognition Corpus


Recently, we extracted a 10-hour Chinese Mandarin speech recognition corpus for free use. It is a subset of King-ASR-009, which is one of the star products of Speechocean and has been used for many AI products in the market. King-ASR-009 contents 159 hours recorded by 260 people in a quiet environment.


Information of free data



Steps to get free data


Step 1: Click this link, use your email ID to register as a member and activate your account successfully.


Step 2: Search Speechocean on LinkedIn and follow us.


Step 3: Send your email ID and your LinkedIn account to After we ensure you to meet the above two criteria, we will send you a FTP link of free data in 3 working days.



Oriental Language Recognition Challenge (OLR2020)


We will hold the fifth "Oriental Language Recognition Challenge (OLR2020)" and will let you know the details in recent days. Welcome to consult and attend this event!


About us


Speechocean always devoted itself to providing specialized engineering data products and services to enterprises and scientific research institutions in the whole industry chain of AI. Our business involves various domains such as speech recognition, speech synthesis, computer vision, lexicon, and natural language processing and provides relevant services for the design, collection, transcription, annotation, etc. of data.


If you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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