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ASR Data One-Stop-Solution

TTS Data One-Stop-Solution

Image Data One-Stop-Solution

Text Data One-Stop-Solution

What is One-Stop-Solution?

As a total solution service provider, Speechocean is capable of supporting its clients with One-Stop-Solution in 110+ languages, including Data Design, Data Collection, Data Processing, Pronunciation Lexicon, Model Training, Test & Evaluation, Linguistic Consultancy and etc.

We can offer the following services (Customized services can be provided to meet the special demand )

Data Design: Script Design,  Tool Development,  Hardware Design and Make-up,  Recording Studio Build-up & Maintenance.

Data collection: Speaker Recruitment,  Project Management.

Data Processing: Convention Building of Transcription and Annotation,  High-quality and High-speed Transcription and Annotation,  Pronunciation Lexicon Generation,  Tool Development.

Model Training: Acoustic Modeling,  Language Modeling.

Test & Evaluation: Performance Evaluation of TTS system (such as MOS, Intelligence, WRT, and etc.),  Module Evaluation for Speech Synthesis (such as Text Normalization,Pronunciation, Prosody, and etc.),  WER Evaluation for ASR System,  Corpus'Evaluation.

Specialist Consultancy: Linguistic Consultancy with Native Linguists,  Technical Solution Consultancy.

Need to Know More About One-Stop-Solution?

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Speech Synthesis One Stop Data Solutions

1. Balanced script design

2. Voice talents selection and evaluation of multiple languages

3. Professional studio build-up, recording management and control (click on the link "Speech Data Collection")

4. Human transcription, proofreading and multiple-layer annotation (click on the link "Speech Data Transcription and Annotation")

5. Speech synthetic system evaluation

6. Modeling and model training

7. Pronunciation lexicon generation of multiple languages

8. Post-sale service

Speech Recognition One Stop Data Solutions

1. Balanced script design;

2. Recording facility build-up

3. Multiple language speaker selection, evaluation and training

4. Speech recording, process management and control (click on the link " Speech Data Collection")

5. Human transcription, proofreading and multiple-layer annotation(click on the link "Transcription and Annotation")

6. Tools development for data processing

7. Modeling and model training

8. Speech recognition system evaluation

9. Post-sale service

Graph& Image One-Stop Data Solution

1. Face Recognition

2. Handwriting

3. Web Image Crawling and Process

4. Audio & Video Crawling and Process

Text One-stop Data Solution

1. Large scale data crawling in specific domains

2. Machine translation parallel corpus building

3. Natural language understanding corpus building; (click on the link "Data Collection")

4. Emotional tagging and polarity mark

5. Text classification

6. Syntax analysis(click on the link "Transcription and Annotation")

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